At GOLDENBIRD, we create and produce various forms of entertainment including theater, music, photography, novel, scripts/writing as well as publishing and managing artists (contract, partner, freelance, etc.) 
We, however, is not like other productions, talent agencies or record companies. We are one entertainment network created by artists ourselves. 
We connect talented artists we collaborate with, within and outside the company. In this industry where artists can often be considered as consumed products, our aim is to improve their position and run management from artists' point of view. 
We focus on producing entertainment contents that are not profit-first; support artists so that they can give their best, that they can push their limit. Also, discovering new talents and training gifted artists /performers are another focus of ours. 

Many of our staff members have experience in performing arts, and we thrive with many artists from different backgrounds, within and outside the company, joining the network to bring their ideas to make it even better. Creating and producing through the eyes of artists in the spotlight is very important to us.



Founded July 2006 (LLC established December 2001)
Representative director Kaori Funaki
Operations Planning, composing, directing, producing entertainment in general- theater, music, video, photography, writings. Managing and supporting freelance and partner artists with staffing, collaborating. Training artists/new talents. Publishing music, developing character products, producing, managing copyrights and trademark. Training animal actors.

5-33-15-201, Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0033
TEL +81 3-6310-2506

WEB : http://www.goldenbird.jp/
MAIL : desk@goldenbird.jp



All Photo by:龍Tatsu

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